Bridesmaid dress by Madam Wokie

Hi guys, hope you're all great. Sorry we've been MIA but we have so much going on; from the renovations to the shop, to the busy Easter period, it’s almost impossible to update the blog.
One of my closest friends got married over the Easter break and being the sweetheart that she is, she allowed us bridesmaids to deck ourselves in a style of our choice, while she chose the fabric. Personally I believe a great bridesmaid dress is one that suits each individual to a T and which you can recycle over and over again so you can imagine my joy at this decision.

Choosing a style wasn’t hard as I wanted something simple and traditional. It took our amazing tailors at Madam Wokie a day to create this piece and I  must admit I was very happy with the results, especially with all the complements I received hehe.



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