Madam Wokie- Our Heritage

I just stumbled upon this great website-, which chronicles the our heritage extremely well.

As you my be aware the label is named after our great grand mother- Madam Wokie Massaquoi. Here is what Sam Massaquoi Jnr had to say about her.

"I vividly remember Vai Queen and Paramount Chief Madam Wokie Massaquoi, whose omnipotence and esteemable rulership lead to the official CORONATION by the mighty British Empire and Queen of England herself (well documented historical facts). This was the first and maybe only official coronation of an African Monarch (Queen) by the Queen of England. Madam ruled, and wore the crown, from 1925 until her death on 1 August 1971, over 100 years old."

 We are proud to have such great heritage. Madam Wokie we salute you!! If only we knew where that crown was. Does anyone fancy joining us on a treasure hunt (lol). More excerpts after the jump.

 Our great grand mother Madam Wokie and the Queen of England

"The Massaquois are a group of direct Mande descendants of Mansa Musa, the greatest King of the enduring Mali Empire who on record took more than 8 tons of gold on his pilgrimage to Mecca and also transformed the great learning centers and universities of Timbuktu, where such notable Greek scholars and intelligentia of the day studied. It is of no surprise the name ‘MASSAQUOI’ means ‘from the house of kings or rulership.’"


  1. At least I saw the crown and lots of other memorabilia before the war. We are indeed proud of our heritage and of you.


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