Beautiful beginnings... Happy New Year!!!

Hi everyone, I know it is 9/01/2014 already but better late than never, Happy New Year!!!
We at Madam Wokie are sooooo excited about 2014 as we have tons of exciting stuff coming up this year, we can't wait to share it with you guys. 2013 was such as busy, yet fulfilling year that at Christmas,  I decided to take a break from the store to focus on my plans for the New Year and just enjoy the holidays. I know this may have disappointed a few of my loyal customers, but I believe that sometimes its good to just take a break, regroup and come back bigger, better and stronger.
Thank you to everyone who has in one way or another contributed to making Madam Wokie the brand that it is today, I cannot express how grateful I am to you guys.


I wore this ensemble to an event this Christmas, it was inspired by the outfits from the  movie, the  King and I . 
My favorite aspect of the outfit is the beautiful intricate embroidery on the neckline and  at the bottom of the dress, it adds a bit of oomph to what would otherwise be a simple dress. 

Dress- Madam Wokie
Belt- Vintage 

Madam Wokie 


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