Salone's Finest- Aminata B. Wurie: Miss Afrique Montréal 2013

Aminata Bintu Wurie is a graduate of Mcgill University, with a degree in business management and international development. 

Shortly after her graduation, she entered Ms. Afrique Montreal and won the competition, making her one of the very few Anglophone winners in the history of Ms. Afrique. Since then her goal has being to better promote her home country Sierra Leone and help contribute to the development and empowerment of mothers and babies in Sierra Leone. She uses her background in development to talk to young women, inspire them to follow their dreams and in turn raise funds to help support the development of a neonatal unit in Sierra Leone. Aminata has organized a sprint-a-thon that will be taking place in Montreal, Canada on the 22nd of September of this year. The purpose of this event is to honor, raise awareness and raise funds in support of mothers and babies in Sierra Leone. Please click on the video at the end of the page to learn more about the cause and how you can be a part of it.


Madam Wokie wishes Aminata all the best during her reign as Miss Afrique Montréal 2013
Madam Wokie


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