African Women’s Entrepreneurship Programmeis: Its a wrap

This picture was taken on the last day of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme during the awarding of certificates. Looking back it is amazing how far the Madam Wokie brand has come and I can’t help but feel like I could not have come so far if not for my supportive family, friends and staff (Love to the Wilson’s, Kaikai's and Forster’s....).  I know some are mad at me, but "ar feeba" me Grandpa and Papa wae men me so ar beg pardon!  When working and running your business you sometimes get so caught up, you don't a have life and everyone takes the back seat. It’s not intentional, I am sorry...

Thanks to my Madam Wokie customers for being loyal to the brand even when my tailors act up sometimes, they are themselves young men growing up and without their input we would not be climbing the ladder of success.

  A big shout out to my cousin Massah KaiKai, who works tirelessly to keep the Madam Wokie flame burning in the US; my favourite photographer Mambu, thank you so much my sisters Musu, Wokie and Zulaikha for just being there even though I drive them crazy, and of course my brother Budus for helping me argue with the tailors when my voice runs out. Also thank you to Bani, my account at large who I never listen, and my manager Pam who keeps the flame burning while I am away.

Above all thank you to the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme for this amazing opportunity, it was such an incredible experience  
Madam Wokie


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