Maintaining individuality whilst staying on trend

Hi everyone, meet Haja.
Haja is our new Madam Wokie style contributor and she would be doing regular posts on her personal style, general fashion trends and all things fabulous... enjoy

In this day and age with globalization in rapid effect more than ever  fashion is not only widespread but fashion trends are far reaching spreading their influence. No longer do we live in a world where certain trends are limited to certain regions.With fashion retail giants seeking new devotees and profits in regions other than where they were birthed, fashion is now widely accessible to all sorts of people in all sorts of regions.Don't get me wrong i am not opposed to this fact where would I be without my beloved Zara, H&M, Asos and Topshop, all European exports.It’s not just the Europeans even American retailers like Abercrombie and Fitch and Forever 21 are  making their way across the pond. It’s not impossible to now have a student in Spain dressed just the same as that all American girl/boy in California. The globalization of fashion brings up one question how do you stay unique when anyone anywhere can purchase what you just purchased halfway across the world.Even better with the social network making us more connected, or maybe even worse depending on who you’re asking.

Photo sharing apps and websites are popping up everywhere some are even dedicated solely to showing off your  day to day outfits making it even easier to see in real time what everyone's wearing. So in this age of rapid uninhibited sharing how do you shop at these trendy stores and still remain an individual. The answer is simple styling how you style a certain clothing item speaks volumes without you saying a word it highlights your personality and fashion sense. Take for example a the white skort pictured I follow several fashion bloggers from around the world on instagram and from Barcelona to Tennessee this skort seems to be everywhere.

The only real similarity is owning the same item, yet we don’t share is the same styling habits. While one person may  pair their skort  with a blazer some with the ever popular cropped top. Jewelry is another distinguishing feature some have it some don’t.The only trend was the actual skort, styling the  trend varied from person to person.You shouldn't feel like you can not purchase a certain item due to the fact that it is popular. Adding funky accessories that are unique to you making it your own is the tried and true way to go.

Maybe pair that skort with a vintage item from your mother's closet or that cool top you got from the thrift store. Jewelry again is the easiest way to liven up any outfit, and even with globalization you can still snag chic pieces from funky smaller retailers unique to your region. So no one should be afraid to stay on trend because of losing their individuality because turning a trend into your own is one of the best about fashion.



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