Style Spotlight- Oroma Elewa

Whenever I think of Oroma I think vintage, old school... edgyyyyy!
In the entertainment industry  however Oroma Elewa is well known as an artist, an editor, a DJ, a designer muse and an all round Fashionista.
A favorite among style bloggers, Oroma has been shot and featured several times in US Vogue who also named her a 'Rising Style Star of 2011' calling Oroma a " Natural Tastemaker ". 

Oroma Elewa was born and raised in Rivers State, Nigeria but she currently shares her time between the States and Nigeria.  In her own words, Oroma’s vision to bring the diverse cultures and styles of Africa to an international audience has received global recognition and a cult following, making her voice a welcomed addition in fashion.

While her gains gain global attention, it is Oroma’s vibrant and confident style that make her pop and turned her into one of the most talked about African women in fashion.

Oroma stands as an inspiration to a new generation of style and culture enthusiasts as its newest representative.

As a DJ, Oroma gives any event, much like her style, an element of raw excitement and elegance. Clients include Roger Vivier ( FNO '12 ), The Journal to name but a few.

As a woman, it becomes imperative to have policies, rules you live your life by. As you get older, these rules change, maybe they don’t but in one way or another, you learn to adjust or stand firmer by them. You learn things you absolutely cannot compromise on like the character of the kind of man you want to share you life with, the person you’d like to become and or the kind of life you’d like to lead....So I ask, what is your life policy?
-Oroma Elewa 

You can check out Oroma's website by clicking HERE

source-Oromo Elewa's website and FBK page 


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