So Sierra Leone went to the polls today and I can't express how amazing it felt to be a part of history. The stakes are really high for this election and everyone is really eager for the results. My tailors and I were up from 4 O Clock to cast our votes and it was crazy seeing how excited everyone was; some people were up all night just waiting to get a place in the queue so by the time we got there it was packed. 
Anyway good luck to all the candidates and may the best candidate win

One of our tailors and I off to cast our vote 

Here are a few more pictures from my experience... enjoy

The start of the queue...

The lines were endless... the man with the camcorder is a UN  election observer 

More people 

And them some more 

He smiles...

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Madam Wokie


  1. Thats awesome! Am glad in the role social media is playing in modern day politics. People are not documenting events as they happen..so if there any sense of unfairness or corruption, its caught by camera and spreads like wild fire...


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