Madam Wokie Spotlight: Fatou Wurie

Hi guys, meet Fatou Wurie, the first in our style spotlight section where we would be featuring fabulous individuals with amazing style. Fatou  is an amazing photographer, writer, blogger and journalist. 

 I have always loved Fatou's style and admired how she embraces and celebrates her figure. I'm so happy she agreed to this feature as I'm sure we could learn a lot and be inspired by her. 

Describing her style, Fatou says "……Style for me has always been about expression. From how I wear my hair to the lipstick colors I choose to rock- every color, pattern, style and form of accessorizing represents elements of my being. It is important to me especially because I am a fully figured woman, owning my curves and fleshier self is political and freeing all at once. 

 I vividly remember been asked by a friend when I was in high school, how I had the confidence to wear sleeve less tops, or short skirts. I didn’t quite know what she was asking. How dare I dress the way I dress despite the conservative society we lived in, or as a woman in general or how dare my bigger self have the confidence to dress as I seem fit? I am sure it was the latter, I just laughed and shrugged. I often think about that question because I don’t see how the size of my body must limit my form of expression. I wasn’t trying to make a political statement or start a movement or glean attention. In fact I never sat and really dwelled on why and how I was going to develop my more high-end bohemian style. All I know is, if I loved it, I wore it. Period.  That is how it should be though. 
 Style is as subjective as is beauty. Yet, we still live in a world were a few people dictate what is in and what is out, who is beautiful and who really isn’t, what size women should be and what size women shouldn’t be, at the end of the day all that dictating does is make invisible, make lesser, and try to make extinct individuality and subjective essence.  We all cannot look the same.

 I am voluptuous, plus size, heavier, curvier, fat or whatever label rocks your boat. Basically, I am a proud carrier of “excess” fat and to I,  that is beautiful because it is individually and divinely me!  
    --fambul dem, this is how we do."


you can see Fatou's blog and get an insight into her world by visiting


  1. I am pleased to have discovered your Blog and hope to follow your adventures and ruminations more closely. You might enjoy Sierra Leoneana on Facebook as well as my own few photographs.

  2. awww thamks Eluem, its always great to hear nice feedback from our readers


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