Happy Independence Day Sierra Leone!!!

Hi guys!!!
First of all I'll like to start off by wishing my fellow Sierra Leoneans a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, we are 51 today...woop woop!!!
Its so wierd how on days like this we come to appreciate and truly realize how much we love our country. 
Sierra Leone has come a long way since independence and to say the journey to where we are today has been eventful would be a major understatement. In the spirit of  independence we decided to show you some of our favorite vintage pics from my Grandma's album(some of these pics are over 50 years old). I think they capture the spirit of Sierra Leone perfectly; as not only do they showcase our culture, they shed light on the fashion and beauty  of that era.

A cultural celebration somewhere in the Southern provinces 

A family member- not sure who exactly

Our Grandmama- my fashion icon

My Grandmama again

My Mum in the white hat, her sister in the red facinator and some friends

My Grandpapa

My Great GrandMama

My Mum and Uncle on her wedding day

Just about to say I DO

Bridesmaids at my Mum's wedding- loving their ensembles


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