Beauty Post: My Big Chop

So... I got got tired of weaving my hair and decide to  braid it... then I got tired of braiding  and decided to cut it.... I guess this means my love affair with extensions is on the rocks... well at least for now anyways
The thing I love most about short hair is that it is very versatile and easy to manage; no frills or fuss, just throw on some lipstick and you are ready to go. I am wearing three different  types of lipstick to accompany my three different hairdos. 

Here I am wearing MAC Girl About Town... its bright pink 

Here I am wearing MAC Russian Red which is a matte bright red lipstick

And here I am wearing MAC Rebel which is dark purple
I still cant get over how sinister my lipsticks sound, maybe this is a sign of  what I'm going to do to my hair next
xoxo Wokie


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