Weave out... Braids in

Having spent the last few years either weaving my hair or styling it really short, I decided to go for a new look... BRAIDS!!!
Although I find the process of braiding hair tiring (Musu and I were up all night braiding 3 packets of  XPRESSION), I love the finished product and cant wait to find new ways of styling it...
Here are pics from last weekend; the first was for a night out while the second was a more relaxed daytime look


Musu's handiwork

Musu would be doing a post on our night out later... Have a productive week guys
xoxo Woke 


  1. At least you are not shelling out $120-180 just to get some braids on. I'm annoyed at how expensive it is getting every year just for someone to get their hair done. I have tried to learn on my own but have not been successful. Things like this make me really wish i had a sister. Maybe we could have grown up doing each other's hair and i would have learned how to braid.

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from
    After relocating to the UK from Sierra Leone where you pay next to nothing (compared to the prices here) to get your hair done, learning how to do each others hair became a priority.
    you should check out YouTube tutorials and continue practicing on dolls or your friends... that's how we started

  3. i never thought about doing it on a doll!!!! lol....like the ones in cosmotology classes? about to go see what i can poach from ebay! Thanks for the advice


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