Madam Wokie Fashionista - Benita

Hi guys, welcome to a new Madam Wokie Fashionista Style Post featuring random individuals who send pics of themselves in blog-worthy outfits...
 While it has been fun doing posts on ourselves and our friends, we think it would be a bit more fun if the blog became a bit more interactive. Individuals who would like to be featured in our style post could therefore send at least five pics of themselves in one or more outfits to and we would get back to you. We would also like you to write a summary of your style, your take on fashion and why you think your style is unique.
The first of our Madam Wokie Fashionista's is Benita from Essex. Benita would describe her style as simple, girly, yet quirky... She isn't afraid to experiment  with colors or fashion and thinks you can never look too good as you never know who you would be meeting... 

What do you guys of Benita's style?


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