New Look- Tiny Winy Afro

So errrrrr... a few months back, in what can only be described as a temporary moment of madness and boredom, I decided to chop of all my long locks and go natural. I had always been playing with the thought of following in Zu's footsteps and going natural  but for some reason, everyone (myself included) thought I wouldn't be able to handle it and I am a bit too girly for that. Anyway I took the plunge and so far my I'm loving my new look. 

Having said that I must admit having natural hair is really difficult and for anyone contemplating it, pray about it... hehe just kidding... but trust me though combing out really strong  hair and trying not to look like a mad person after the cold weather has it looking rough isn't easy. I therefore wear protective styling (weaves, braids, etc, etc) most of the time

Furthermore I dont know what it is about natural hair but it has this way of completely changing ones style and dress sense. I usually either wear really simple clothing or go all out with colors, statement jewelry and Afrocentric stuff... I post pics of those looks when I'm decked out in them. 

Anyways its Christmas tomorrow so I'm off to go wrap some pressies... Have a lovely holiday guys, try not to get too wasted...xoxo


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