Fab Folks @ AFI Africa Fashion Week

I spent most of my time backstage with the models and producers so I didn't really have any time to dress up on the first two days of AFI. However, after showing on Day 2, I thought I'd make an effort on the final day. I missed the awards show as I had to rush to the airport to catch my flight back to Freetown. Anyway here are some pictures of some fab folks I bumped into on Day2/Day 3. xoxo

CNN correspondent Nkepile Mabuse.


Jimmy from Canoe magazine. Madam Wokie is featured in the latest issue- I shall do a post about that later!

She was fly as hell!!

Miss Aisha aka Christie Brown who is such a sweetie.

Val Mensah
Lotus from Big Brother Africa- she was really nice and crazy as hell!
Our dear friend Kweku (Editor of Canoe magazine interviewing Dr Precious)

 with our fab producer Adiambo

bumped into this chick (can't remeber her name) again on Day 3 and she wanted to pose for pictures...

my dear friend Adama


Some Massai warriors who flew in for our friend Mustapha's show.

Nigerian model Uju interviewing some folks

with the Lalesso duo.

one of the wonderful interns.


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