Meeting the Editor of "The Lancet"

I'm still at the EDTCP conference in Addis and I am just blow away at the level of talent here from all over the continent. Today I got to meet Richard Horton, the editor of the medical journal- The Lancet. The Lancet is to the healthcare/medical world what Vogue is to the fashion world. I love how my two world co-exist in perfect harmony... 

Apart from working closely with Mary-ann on Madam Wokie, I also have a 9-5 job with the Office of the President (but I am based at the Ministry of Health). My job is quite hectic and involves a whole lot of things which I won't bore you with. One of my goals for 2012 is to publish a paper on the impact of the free health care initiative (FHCI) in Sierra Leone. A really great article was recently published in the Lancet-  How did Sierra Leone provide free health care? . I'd like to go beyond and the scope of this paper and look at the actual impact of the FHCI, the challenges it poses as well as how other countries could learn from our success and mistakes. I spoke to Dr Horton about this and he provided me with some great encouragement. Some people want to be on the front cover of Vogue.. all I want is it to get published in the Lancet. That's not too much to ask right... 

He was nice enough to take a few pictures with me. I am one happy bunny right now. xoxo, Zu

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