Street style in New York by Mary-ann

New York is packed with all things beautiful you have all these stores filled with all the latest trends in fashion and they are all screaming BUY ME, BUY ME, BUY ME. I feel that since being here on holidays I've become a complete a shopaholic.  I've decided now that I'm no longer going to take my bag when going out, instead all I need is enough money for yellow cabs.

What a day it was! I tortured myself by eyeing all the beautiful items on display, feeling the texture of the fabrics and the level of craftmanship on the jewellery designs and then walking out empty-handed. I felt bad but one thing was safe: my hard-earned MONEY.

Sometimes as women I feel as if we buy things that we do not need, so instead of being compulsive buyers, I think it's better that we take a look at the item and, if we really want it badly, we come the next day and buy it. I wish I could follow my own advice... Till next time.

 xoxo Mary-Ann.


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