Madam Wokie Travels... Eden Park, Mama Beach

After a hectic week at work I decided to take a little break away from the madness of Freetown last Saturday. I've been hearing about Eden Park for sometime now and it was high on my list of places to visit while in Salone.

We arrived in time for dinner on Saturday. I was so impressed by the facility itself and I'd have to say that it definitely has to be one of best places I have visited in Salone in a long time. 

We stayed in one of the many bungalows. The bungalow itself was very simple yet elegant. I'm particularly happy about the fact that this is a Sierra Leonean owned business. Aunty Rugie has done an amazing job and I thoroughly reccommed that you guys check it out!! 

Enjoy the pictures xoxo Zu

One satisfied costumer!!!

Beautiful scenery on the way... 

 Play area.. Zahra loved it!!

 Open kitchen..

 Fresh seafood.. the chef didn't disappoint..

The dessert was so yummy..

 the owner Aunty Rugie is the lady in the dress on the far right...

 I always wear this Madam Wokie necklace whenever I hit the beach...

 Breakfast on the beach front


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