Madam Wokie Travels- With Love from Copenhagen, Denmark

Hey Guys!

I was just reminiscing about the trip I took to Copenhagen in June to visit my old friends (I used to go to school there). Copenhagen is a great city- really relaxed yet exciting and vibrant at the same time. Also, it's quite small so it has an intimate feel to it. One of the things I love the most about it is that it's by the sea, and in the summer there's nothing better than grabbing an ice cream with a friend and walking along the roads by the ocean.

Concentrating on my ice lolly :)

This has nothing in Salone beaches, but it was nice nonetheless

Picnic in the park with some old friends from school :)- From left to right, they are currently living in Spain, Copenhagen , Switzerland and me in India. It's amazing how we get to all keep in touch through facebook.

The timing of my trip was really perfect because it was around graduation time for the Danish gymnasiums (secondary schools) . The celebrations involve a tradition where the newly high school graduates being driven in trucks around the city for a day and celebrating on the trucks as well as stopping at each other's houses for some snacks along the way. Although I had already had my graduation in New Delhi, I was lucky enough to go along with my old classmates on their truck ride :)

On the truck ride with friends
With my friends at their graduation

Nyhavn, Copehagen

Kongens Nytorv, Copehagen

Wearing my friend Julia's folding blue tint sunglasses (Vintage Persol)  (below) which she got on ebay and an africana -esque dress I got from the Indian version of the "Mall" lol

xoxo Khadija


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