Madam Wokie Diva- Mariam Amida Diop

Hey guys!!!!!!!
Welcome to our next instalment of Madam Wokie Divas featuring gorgous individuals in Mary-Ann's Madam Wokie clothing brand. Our diva today is Mariam Amida Diop from Montreal, Canada. Mariam is one of the crasiest (in a good way btw), yet sweetest females I know, and after blabbing to her about Mary-Ann's brand, she deided to go see what the fuss was about while in Sierra Leone. Needless to say she liked what she saw and promised to send us pics of herself in the outfits.

In her words,"here are pics of the actual dress.. had it on another night to go to a waterfront lounge/bar like thingy... Since I got so many compliments the first time and turned so many heads..(wink!)  i thot why not put a bit of African pzaaazz in my evening. This time around I got pics taken. This is one of many madam wokie dresses that i happen to own and I shall send u pics anytime i wear them.. which shall be soon enough since Canada has only so much summer months for us to enjoy :-( All being said, what I lurve about the creations is the fact that anyone can wear it... be you a bold fashionista who can rock a watermelon as a head piece or someone like me who has an understated yet ever so captivating fashion sense..(batting eyelashes..) lmao..I intend to be rocking much more of Madam Wokie in the streets of canada.. so WATCH OUT!! MIZZ D. IN DA HOUSE!!!!"

See why I said this girl is crasy...hehe
xoxo Madam Wokie


  1. o wat a beauty Queen in a lovely dress!!!!! Tnx Madam Wokie for making dis gal's nite out a wonderful 1.wink wink MIMI aka SEXY en lave ya


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