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Hi Guys!

I am sure you all remember the devastating flash floods that occurred in Pakistan and India last fall. I was really touched by all the coverage of the disaster, specially because I realized how difficult the lives of the worst affected people were, without the wrath of nature to worry about. I spoke to my school about doing something to help, and started raising funds. We raised a good amount of money from students and parents within the school community, and donated some of the money to Pakistan and the other portion to Save The Children in Leh. The money in Leh went towards rebuilding a school. To achieve a more personal connection with the people we were helping, the PTA at the school sponsored my trip up to Leh, one of the worst affected areas in India. It was an extremely humbling trip, and made me realize how strong and supportive people can be in the worse of situations. Leh also happens to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been fortunate to experience, and I think the photos below will speak for themselves. I never thought my desire to help out a little bit would lead to such an amazing initiative with so much support. I guess the message behind all this is never doubt the power of good intentions, nor the desire to  help those in need, because you never know who may be kind enough to sponsor you.

I would also like to take this chance to call out to anyone who can help the people in the East African food crisis. No one should have to die of hunger as long as other have something to share. Check out these links for for information:

Pictures Taken in Leh

The view from the plane to Leh- breathtaking

The confluence- joining of two rivers.

I went on the trip with my friend Nathalie, and this is a picture of us distributing crayons to kids in a Child Friend Space (makeshift recreational area) set up by Save the Children.

A video of children in the CFS performing for us. It was nice that the kids got  a chance to forget their ordeals for a while.

Kids in the CFS
A school destroyed by the flash floods

 A trip to one of the highest inhabited peaks 
 Gorgeous fresh water lake near the border with China

xoxo Khadija


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