Friday Africana Swag with Menisa

Hey guys.. I'm back!!! As always I've been swamped with work and my internet has been playing up all week. However, as promised, here's the latest installation of my Friday Africana Swag series. The shoot almost didn't happen as I wasn't feeling particularly inspired, not to mention the huge zit which has graciously appeared on my upper lip!!

Anyway, Menisa (Fatima's younger sister) casually walked into the shop wearing a fab Madam Wokie dress and we decided to take some pictures together. She has the most amazing cheek bones. This week's pictures were taken by my dear friend and cousin Fatima and she did a fab job!! Enjoy!

PS: we are both wearing dresses by Madam Wokie. If you haven't yet noticed, I'm obsessed with covering my head. It's not a phase...


Until next week. xoxo Zu


  1. Lovely pictures...and the dresses were carried off well. Love your work and your blog. Cheers.


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