Fab Friday- Girls night out

It's Nadia's last weekend in town, so we decided to go out as I won't see her until December. My other friend Nicola who has also returned to Freetown for work, invited us out for dinner with her big sister Violet. Zem-Zem (another school mate and friend) joined us and we had a really good time catching up on old times! After dinner at Lighthouse, we made a quick stop at the O-bar. 

I was super tired yesterday so I didn't do my usual Friday Africana Swagga post but I'll make it up to you guys next week. I finally took my threaded cornrows out, hence the head wrap (another discarded fabric find from the Madam Wokie shop). All my girls looked fab and Nadia rocked the white beaded French Connection dress that we picked up two weeks ago at the "Mall"- lol. 

Here are some pics of our night out. I hope you like them. xoxo Zu

PS: I'm really bad at the whole "what I wore thing" but I know I'll get asked so here it goes.. top and cargo harems from Whistles, earrings from Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi..

Ms Zem-Zem. Loving her short hair.  


Quick touch up. 

 My lovely cousin Mariama, she was out celebrating the end of her exams.

Nadia showing off her new bag courtesy of Big Market 

My poser!! 

Mariama and Nadia 

A very camera shy Nicola.... 

Violet (right) in a Madam Wokie top.  


  1. I love all your outfits Zu, you guys make me want to move back to Sierra Leone


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