With Love From New Delhi

It's Holi Time!!!!

Holi is a festival celebrated all over India and other countries in the region such as Nepal. It is celebrated in spring, at the end of the winter season. The festival has a lot of significance in religious terms, but I am not going to act like I understand all of it. That being said, most people know it as the festival of colours, because friends and families go around throwing colored powder and water at each other for the day. This year, Holi was celebrated in late March, and this being our last Holi in Delhi, my friends and I went all out with our "Holi Fights". The atmosphere in the city is amazing on the day of Holi, and everyone is in a happy and playful mood, because anything goes and the city is just a massive playground. I mean, where else do you get to throw water bombs and colors at random strangers with there being no consequences?? Most people from my school celebrated holi in a neighborhood park, where we declared holi wars on one another until we ran out of colors, or until our skin and hair was so colored you could hardly make out our natural skin and hair colours. I then went home, had a little holi exchange with the neighbours before retreating to the bathroom for a long shower.

Me and 2 friends, Ale and Alex at the height of the holi wars. Believe it or not, most people's clothes were white when we first arrived at the park

A group photo after all the madness

One of my friends Nina and I

I really liked the color combinations on my face at this point in the day.....

 ....... and then one of my friends thought it would be a great idea to throw a bucket of water on my head. No worries, I exercised full revenge.

Much after the Holi celbrations, two friends of mine decided to recreate Holi and take pictures for art classes. The models were myself, Basiel, who is dutch and Megha, who is indian, so the whole shoot had a very "united colors of benetton" feel to it.

Something I loved about living in India was that everything was so colorful, and Holi really captures that.

xoxo Khadija


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