Street Style Post- Fatima Sesay

Fatima is part of the Madam Wokie team and being a family member and one of Mary-Ann and Zu's closest friends, has been here form the start of the Madam Wokie movement. I consider her to be a fashionista because her style is unique and she looks good regardless of what she's wearing. I love the way she puts together pieces and colours and  always find myself  in awe when she turns up with the most beautiful outfits which she claims to have purchased at a ridiculously cheap price. Ill be doing a more comprehensive post on Fatima's style soon so watch out for that feature.
xoxo Madam Wokie

Check out the way she paired her brown brogues with the Madam Wokie Raffia bag, denim jeans, a simple white tee and blazer... oh and not to mention those bangles and necklace...gorgeous!!


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