Shopping Post: Buganda Road Africa Market- Uganda

As mentioned a while back, Alari and I were in Uganda for a mini holiday/work experience and being the shopaholics that we are,  we had to visit the local market for a bit of retail therapy. Here are pics from Buganda Road Africa market which is mainly geared towards tourists. As is the case with most markets in Africa, the prices are increased the minute the  the traders realise you are a foreigner...little did they know they were dealing with bargain hunters who had enough experience from junks and Big Market in Sierra Leone, hehe

See that bag on the top left hand corner that looks like a briefcase, Alari got that

Alari also got this massive bag (which i swear i could fit into it)

Checking out the local products- we were like kids in a candy store

We got a few of these bracelets

Straw purses

My favourite- the leather beaded slippers (I got quite a few of these)

A cross-section of accessories made from beads, wood and bones

A leather suit made from cow skin

Straw earrings

More earrings

The Boda Boda, our primary mode of transportation in Uganda...such fun

We just had to take a pic with the security... they were everywhere because of the threat from terrorism after the world cup bombings 

Who knew shopping could make someone this happy... xoxo Musu


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