Madam Wokie Travel Post- The Source of the Nile in Uganda

Hi are more pics from my trip to Uganda last year. 
These were taken in Jinja, on a trip to the River Nile. The Nile flows through Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi and Egypt, and in Uganda, it is right next to Lake Victoria.
As you could imagine, were really excited about this trip since the River Nile is one of the most popular rivers in the world and has so much history and culture surrounding it.  It was quite an awesome experience as we got to take a boat ride on the river and Lake Victoria...I hope you guys enjoy the pics

Alari at the memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi- some of his ashes were spread her

These  bracelets were purchased in Uganda and are made from Crowie Shells and beads

Me being a daredevil

On Lake Victoria

Some rare birds

Check out the scenery- breathtaking

On a tiny island in the middle of the Nile

Enjoying the scenery


My next post would be on some beautiful Ugandan paintings....until then
xoxo Musu


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