Madam Wokie Around The World - With Love From New Delhi

Hi guys, I'm Khadija, the baby of the Madam Wokie ladies. I have lived in New Delhi, India for 3 years, and just wanted to do a post on some of the things I got up to during my time there. I am truly grateful that I got to live in New Delhi and experience "Incredible India" fi
After graduation in May, a few friends and I decided to go to Old Delhi- the less westernized, and more traditional
A street food vendor making a sweet called jalebi, which is basically deep fried syrup in dough. Surprisingly deliciouus

The neighbourhood bakery :)

The Spice market- A market devoted to all kinds of spices. Most people sneeze their way through it, but it's a gre

The streets of Old Delhi... with wires hanging so low you almost have to be careful not to walk into them.

I love all the colorful rickshaws in Old Delhi. Rickshaws are an easy means of transport within old Delhi, and rickshaw driver often offer tours to the wedding market, spice market, etc for just over a dollar. This rickshaw driver is chillin' and taking a break from the 40 degrees weather that characrerizes an Indian summer.

Watch out for posts on some of my favorite memories from India.

xoxo Khadija


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