Girls day out

We come from a large family full of girls and although we do have a few trusted girlfriends, for the most part we stick together as cousins- it's just easier that way if you know what I mean. We tend to be busy with our respective lives, however, we also make a concerted effort to spend ample time together so that we can fill each other in on what we've been up to.

Last summer Wokie and I, as well as my good friend Sobara and my other cousin Memuna spent a lovely day checking out Borough Market (another of many favourite places in London). We had a lovely lunch at the Swan restaurant which is located just on top of the Globe Theatre, overlooking the Thames. The food was lush and after stuffing ourselves, Wokie, Memuna and I went over to Covent Garden to the MAC store where all fell in love with a satin lipstick called Rebel. It's a gorgeous blue-toned pink shade and we all decided to pick one up. Here are some pictures of our day out.

I miss my girls very much. xoxo Zu

 Check out Wokie's eyelashes...

 How happy does Memuna look...

Zahra with Aunty Wokie

My baby loves food, she was so happy that day.


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