Event Post: Royal Ascot Goat Races Uganda

Its so weird how quickly time flies and how many new experiences we  undergo within that space of time. This time last year, my best friend Alari and I were in Uganda on holiday (under the disguise of work experience). I absolutely LOVE travelling and experiencing different cultures, and must admit Uganda did not fail to provide me with abundant experiences.
On one of our many idle weekends, we attended the Royal Ascot Goat Races out of curiosity (I had never heard of or seen goats race you see). As with the Ascot Races in England, it was a dress to impress event with people wearing hats, gloves and all that comes with it. We obviously hadn't gone prepared for such an event and since I was also suffering from a bad hair day (I had just taken out my weave), I decided to go for a somewhat Afro-centric look by wearing a headscarf with a simple black dress and statement jewellery. This was the first time I could remember ever wearing a headscarf in my life and I loved it. I particularly loved how proud Ugandans are of their culture and this sometimes left me feeling jealous, as I don't think Sierra Leoneans have the same strong feelings towards our culture. Anyways here are pics of Alari and I at the event... hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed the event
xoxo Musu

Alari's bag is from a Ugandan Market...I'll be doing a post on that sometime soon

Check out those muscles...sigh

Traditional drummers

And then came the goats

Traditional dancers... trust me you haven't seen girls shake their butts until you see Ugandan women shake theirs


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