Friday Africana Swag with Nadia

Hey dolls!! It's that time of the week again in Freetown where we get all dolled up in our favourite Africana pieces. This Friday, I went back to a trusted Madam Wokie piece (an off the shoulder top and maxi skirt) which is over five years old. This piece was originally Mary-ann's but it is so gorgeous, I had to have it for myself. It's quite traditional and very form fitting, so I always get a ton on complements when I wear it. 

I finished work early and headed to the shop where I got a surprise visit from my good friend Nadia who is in town on a project organised by the Conservative party. Anyway, I had promised to take her to my favourite shopping spot in Freetown- "Memuna at the Mall" aka Junks aka butu pick. She managed to fish out a gorgeous beaded French Connection dress and a form fitting ASOS dress, all for 55,000 leones (about $12). Seriously there are some good finds at junks! Mary-ann and I found a gorgeous Gucci dress last Christmas which I shall blog about at a later date. 

Nadia and I decided to do an impromptu shoot by Government Wharf, a few yards away from the mall (lol). Enjoy.. 

xoxo Zu

My doll Nadia in a dress by Swank Couture, Zara cloggs and a Longchamp bag.

I can't remember what she said that had me in stitches..

Posing with one of the traders.


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