Style Post- Fula Musu

So I purchased these short harem like trousers that look like the ones traditional Fulani men wear. I haven't   really had a chance to wear them since though because it take a lot to get me to wear an outfit that isn't straightforward. However, I woke up this morning to what seemed like a heat wave and thought gosh, I need some air... everywhere. I therefore decided to channel my inner Fulani by pairing them with a pair of fringe sandals and a loose top. I completed the look with a bag from the madame Wokie's Couture bag collection and voila, I felt so breezy.... hope everyone is enjoying the summer sunshine...xoxo Musu

The complete look

The Madam Wokie's Couture bag

The belt was a gift from Mary-Ann.She purchased them from Junks ( a street market) in Sierra Leone, while the Bracelets were from a market in Uganda... we intend to do a post on both Junks and overseas street markets in a later post


  1. love the look.... especially the bag and bracelets
    gosh i need to hit junks, hehe


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