Event- The CeCe Charity Show

The CeCe Charity Show is a multipurpose event held twice a month to give talented people an opportunity to keep their dreams alive by showcasing their talent whilst raising money for poverty and war affected kids. The event was created by Eliza Hanson, a hardworking and super stylish Sierra Leonean currently living and studying in the UK. Eliza was inspired by her parents, who raised her in a charitable home; by taking on the welfare of orphaned children. She therefore decided to incorporate her love for entertainment and charity by hosting an event every two fridays in the month. The show features live singing, comedy, dancing, motivational talks and poetry.
Although the show has achieved huge success since it started, she needs your support. This could be provided by attending the shows, making donations or showcasing your talent. Eliza could be contacted on 07572427964 or via email cececharity@yahoo.com.

Enjoy some pics of the event...xoxo Madam Wokie

Eliza Hansons- The brains behind the CeCe Charity Show

The carpet

The Event


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