Outfit of the day: New Look

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. 
I've been feeling a bit restless lately and when this happens it usually means one thing... its time to chop of all my hair, lol . The first time I did the BIG CHOP was in 1997 during the war in Sierra Leone, when my family and I relocated to Ghana.  Generally back then most school girls in Ghana cut off their hair to ensure uniformity  (I think) and since my Grandma wanted us to settle  well in our new environment, she has us cut off our hair too. Whilst my sisters hated this (since our hair was really long back then), I absolutely loved it and once in a while, when boredom takes over, I  cut it all off and let it grow out again. 

My jewellery is from the Madam Wokie boutique... 

To celebrate my big chop I headed out for drinks with a few friends... here are some pics of our night

With fellow Sierra Leonean designer Cecil Valentine of Royal Dynamite, he makes the coolest t-shirts ever... you can checkout his website by clicking HERE

Have a great week


  1. Love your super afrocentric jewellery

    BLEURGH www.say-bleurgh.blogspot.com


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