To weave or not to weave...

For some weird reason this past week I have been involved in countless discussions about hair; from questions about why black women choose to weave their hair, to discussions on whether or not it is advisable. Personally when it comes to hair and beauty my stance has always been "To each their own" and so long as it does not hurt you or anyone else you have no business questioning or condemning someone else for the way they look or dress. Different women have different reasons for weaving their hair. For some it’s a matter of convenience (not wanting to subject our natural hair to harsh weather conditions or not wanting to style it ourselves), while for others they merely want to enhance their looks or try a completely different look all together.

Having said that, it is safe to say that I was not the only one shocked by pictures of Naomi Campbell's hairline and for many people who are against weaving this is highlighted as one of its many dangers. I have always been of the opinion that if you maintain your hair well it would continue to grow regardless of whether you weave or perm your it. Tyra Banks is the perfect example of that. So for those of those (like me) who choose to weave their hair and want it to stay healthy, here are a few tips on how to maintain your natural locks.

  • Wash and condition your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner at regular intervals in between weaving or styling your hair
  • Find a good moisturizer that works with your hair (what works for A might not work for B) and use it at regular intervals
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals as this would make your hair dry and brittle, thus resulting in breakage 
  • Let your hair breathe i.e. once in a while take a break from weaves, braids, etc. and give your natural hair some time off
  • Avoid tight braids or weaves as these pull on your hair 
  • Deep condition or treat your hair (some call it steaming) at least 3 times a year as this helps it retain moisture
  • Braid your hair regularly (whether under a weave or with extensions) as this gives it time to grow and leaves it stress free
  • Try a wig, yes I know this may sound archaic but trust me it works wonders and there are some good ones out there
  • Avoid bonding glue because for every time you pull out a chuck of it, you are probably uprooting 5 strands of hair
  • If for some reason a particular hairstyle doesn't work for you i.e. it leads to breakage or gives you an allergic reaction, stop doing it as you might just wake up one morning with no hair

Please note that the suggestions above are pretty basic and from an amateur with no qualifications in hairdressing. For a more experienced or professional perspective try some of the blogs I regularly visit like The Abby's World, Black With Girl Long Hair or even YouTube... you would be amazed at the wealth of information about hair you could find there.

Madam Wokie


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