Style Post: Granny's little girl

My grandmother has got to be one of my fashion icons because growing up she had trunks full of beautify clothes and accessories. I remember feeling impatient with her because she took ages to find an outfit from the many African prints dresses, hats, silks gowns and above all laces. Once we even missed our flight to Sierra Leone because she was shopping in duty free, it was that serious. Sometimes she would offer me some of her dresses since we were almost the same size and I would think  HELL NO, I'm not going out looking like my grandma.
 Now  I'm older I know better. I revel in rummaging through her stuff looking for stuff that would suit me. 

The last time I was back home I saw this beautiful Ankara skirt lying around and had it adjusted since she doesn't wear it anymore. I paired it with a white blouse and studded heels for work and every time I got a compliment for my print skirt I thought of my fabulous grandma. Cant wait to get back to Sierra Leone and dig for more treasure, I might even do a post on my her sometime.

Blouse- zara
Glasses- Tom Ford
Skirt- Mummy's (my grandma)
Bracelet- Topshop
Shoes- Primark


  1. I love the skirt and shoes little miss diva I will call that������❤❤❤


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