Madam Wokie Sisal Bag Project

I was in Bo, Sierra Leone over the weekend working on my project which involves youth employment and skills training. We have 3 workers at the moment weaving our sisal bags and We are very proud of them,it's high time people stopped depending on government or donor handouts and we start being self reliant. The trip was very relaxing and productive, and I am very proud of the dedication of the team. It was also a good time for me to let my hair down.....and just enjoy mama nature....xoxo Madam Wokie

That's the way to the Village
We go down a dirt road...

...And get lost, gotta turn back

James describes the process

Pondering an Issue 

Straw bag factory

Abdulai producing a bag

Mahmoud at work

Back on the main road

And here's the finished product


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