Sierra Leone Music: Kadija Kamara

Khadija Kamara is a London based alternative soul singer, songwriter and composer. Although her songs are mainly soul oriented, she incorporates her love for jazz, folk and rock music into her work. Kadija's music is influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Billy Holiday, Stevie Wonder, the Carpenters and Skunk Anansie. She perfects her craft by observing all aspects of music and frequenting live music bars and music shows.

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Following years of musical experience as a backing vocalist and working with groups, in 2005 Kadija decided to put her experience to good use by take center-stage and create her own musical art which she calls Alternative Soul. Although sometimes co-composes and co-produces her music; working alongside known and up and coming producers and musicians, Kadija also composes her own songs and plays the guitar. Kadija's music is driven by live acoustic sounds, wind chimes, Glockenspiels and Cajons, accompanied by her smooth melodic notes and sensuous tone. She has performed alongside artists like Omar Leyfook, Yolanda Brown (Loose Lips) and Anthony Hamilton. 

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