Sierra Leonean Music: Patrice

Patrice Babatunde Bart-Williams, aka Patrice, is a  biracial Afro-German Raggae singer, songwriter and guitarist. Born to a German mother and a Sierra Leonean political writer-activist father; Gaston Bart-Williams, his unique music combines folk, reggae, soul and blues.Patrice's music is influenced by his father, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.   

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Patrice, appeared onto the music scene in 1999  at aged 18. With lyrics that speak of love and social rhetoric, his  testimonial debut Lions E.P revealed deep lyrical content and social conscience. His first album in 2000 titled Ancient Spirits was critically acclaimed and sold over 150000 copies in Europe.  Patrice has toured with the likes of  Lauryn Hill on her much acclaimed Miseducation of Tour.

Since 2001, Patrice has toured both solo and with his band Sashamani  across Europe, USA and Africa. His second  album How Do You Call It, was released in  September 2002 and saw Patrice evolving his sound with a rich melange of Hip Hop, Soul and Reggae. The album was produced with the likes of Cameron McVey, Massive Attack, Youssouf N’Dour, Andu Baraganescu and Neneh Cherry. In 2006 he made his mark on the music scene by headlining alongside Youssouf N’Dour in Senegal, Manu Chao and Damon Albarn at The Festival In The Desert and the Tamika Reggae Awards in New York. Patrice’s third and most current album titled Nile is a representation of life in the African continent. The sounds are a combination of  the amped guitar, explosive drums and African percussion. 

Madam Wokie loves the sensitivity, sincerity and and depth of Patrice's songs. Hopefully we get to  watch him perform live.... soon 

To listen to more of Patrice's' songs and see his videos, click here


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