Be Inspired: Alek Wok

I was scouting the web and came across this truly inspirational documentary on Alek Wek, one of the world's top supermodels and one of the first black models to make it into break into high fashion magazines like Vogue. 
Born in Sudan, Alek migrated to London as a refugee where she became more aware of fashion. Alek's career started after she was discovered in a park and since then she has walked countless runways and  graced the covers and pages of numerous magazines. She then educated herself, perfected her craft and broke countless boundaries to become the icon that she is today. Through her hard work and perseveranceAlek Wek has redefined the standards of beauty and encouraged women to embrace the way they look. My favorite quote from this mini documentary has to be, "You make your own destiny... You can't really accomadate everybody but you could love what you do".
 Alek is a true inspiration and we hope you are as inspired as we are.
xoxo Madam Wokie

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