Madam Wokie Diva- Alari

Alari is one of my closest and oldest friends. We became buddies after realising we  share a passion for  debating (quarreling), the social sciences and fashion in senior secondary school and have been besties ever since...
  Since we hardly get to spent time together (because we live in different cities) and she is off to Kenya for the rest of the summer holidays, we decided to do a bit of shopping for her trip and catch up on therapeutic gossip in the park. After hours of endless chatter and discussions about the blog, it was inevitable that I make her a regular contributor to the blog since I respect views on almost everything we discuss.  


 I absolutely love Alari's accessories, especially her bag which she purchased from Big Market is Sierra Leone

Watch out for posts from Alari... xoxo Madam Wokie


  1. Alari is looking awesome!!!! Love the hair and her accessories. Very chic


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