Fashion Post- Madam Wokie at Arise fashion Week lagos

The Madam Yoko Collection

Madam Wokie participated in the Arise Fashion Week event in Lagos where we launched the Madam Yoko (Mammy Yoko) Collection. We were super excited about the invite because not only was this our first major international show, it was an opportunity to showcase our designs to a much larger audience.

 "Mammy Yoko" was one of the female pioneers in Sierra Leone's struggle for independence.  She was a fearless warrior who later on became a paramount chief and leader of the Mende people. She yielded great power and influence, and was respected by both her subjects and the British colonial masters at that time. The collection pays homage to her strength, combining old traditional fabrics "Country cloth" and "Kabaslot". We have injected an element of youth with modern designs and cuts to represent the modern African Woman. 

The aim of the collection is to celebrate female empowerment and warriors who paved the way for us. Our vision is to create a luxury brand which is synonymous with glamour, class and traditional African ideals but with a modern twist. As Sierra Leone celebrates her 50th year of independence this April, we look back to early feminist trailblazers for inspiration. Here are some runway pictures of the Madam Wokie creations on the runway.

xoxo Madam Wokie


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