Madam Wokie spotlight: Rugie Wurie aka Mrs Wedding Planner

One of the most stressful aspects of organising a wedding (or any event for that matter) is the planning and preparation. Ever so often you spend so much time trying to make things perfect, you forget to enjoy the actual day. Over the last few weeks I had the pleasure of designing the outfits for my cousins wedding entourage and was so happy at how beautiful everything turned out. I was also impressed at how well the wedding was organised and after a few enquires I got to learn that it was planned by Mrs Wedding Planner.

Mrs Wedding-Planner is directed by Rugie Wurie and offers affordable event planning consultation for brides that are stylish, different and sensible with money.
After over 10 years of working in business development with high level corporates in the City, she decided to use her tough negotiation and project management skills to produce outstanding events.

Rugie's services include:
.Working professionally to meet the client's bespoke needs
.Securing the best vendors within the budget
.Project management of the event right through to the end of the actual celebrations and
.Executing events to the highest standard.

Rugie also plans corporate events and parties through AandR Party UK which is the venue styling wing of her planning services. They hire out and sell tasteful and affordable venue styling accessories along with complementary inspiration on how to make your event unique and sensational.

Here are some pictures from Rugie's wedding which she planned herself... we would  be bringing you pictures from my cousin's wedding later...

you can see more pictures from Rugie's wedding by clicking HERE

You can also visit Rugie's blog by clicking HERE and follow her on facebook by searching for Mrs Wedding-Planner
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