RIP Mariam Makeba

Miriam Makeba is one of the most inspirational, talented and influential women to ever grace the African continent.  Born in South Africa and commonly known as Mama Africa, she was also one of the most influential  civil rights activists in apartheid South Africa. In the 1960's she was the first African artist  to take African music global and is well know for songs like "Pata Pata" and Malakia. Makeba also campaigned against the South African system of apartheid, which resulted in her being exiled by the South African government in 1960. After years of campaigning against apartheid internationally and making beautiful music while she was at it, she returned home for the first time in 1990 as the apartheid system crumbled. Makeba died of a heart attack on 9 November 2008. Today Mariam Makeba would have turned 81 and as a special tribute to, we are going to share two of our favourite songs.... enjoy

Pata Pata


Rip Mariam Makeba
Madam Wokie


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