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I came across this inspiring story of a super talented Sierra Leonean girl; Michaela DePrince, while checking out the BBC website and thought I would share it with you guys. Michaela overcame her experience of growing up in an orphanage, the civil war in Sierra Leoneane and Vitiligo; a condition that causes patches of skin to loose pigmentation, to live her childhood dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Its lovely hearing a positive story filled with messages of hope about Sierra Leone and I hope the trend continues... enjoy 

Michaela was born in Sierra Leone in 1995 and was raised in an orphanage. In 1999, following the brutal civil war- where she witnessed gruesome atrocities- she was adopted by an American family and taken to the US.  She enrolled in the Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia and studied ballet, a passion she picked up after stumbling on a picture of a dancer while at the orphanage in Sierra Leone. Fast-forward to 2011 Michaela has transformed her passion into her reality by being featured on TV documentaries like Dancing with the Stars and First Position. In 2012 she graduated from American Ballet Theatre's Jacqueline Onassis School in New York and joined Dance Theatre of Harlem. Michaela made her professional debut performance in the role of Gunare, in the South African premier of Le Corsaire on 19 July 2012.Describing her life now, Michaela says "I have become more upbeat- I used to be very shy... now I've grown up and I'm so happy with the way things are turning out".

We hope you are inspired by Michaela's  story.
You can read the full article by clicking HERE
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