Style Spotlight: Heyden Adama Bangura

Another week, another Fashion Spotlight feature. This time its the beautiful and super talented Sierra Leonean artist and blogger, Heyden Adama Bangura. Heyden is one of Sierra Leones's fastest rising female artists with a host of talents and an incredible eye for fashion. Doing a feature on her has been an absolute pleasure, enjoy...

What I do: I sing, act, somewhat dance and I design clothes. Oh and I model as well

To me fashion is an expression of who we are. Its like music…. you make people see who you are, how you want them to see you. Its the first thing people judge when they meet you. 

My favorite brand, Christian Louboutin. I daydream about those shoes every second... lol

My favorite places to shop are Forever 21, Miss Sixty, Wetseal, Buckles, Zara and Maryzo Design

My favorite closet pieces in your closet would have to be jeans. I like jeans a lot, so most of the times you will see me in jeans. Blazers are becoming my easy way out on a lazy day, goes with everything really

Fashion icons.. I tend to dress with my mood. I don't really check to see what others are wearing. I want people see me when I dress, not someone else

You can listen to one of Heyden's songs by following the link below and follow her blog by clicking HERE

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