Shopping Post: iamISIGO Resort 2012 Collection

IanSIGO was established in 2009 and starting off as a small independent company based in Ghana and Nigeria, by Bubu Ogisi. The clothing line seeks to create a striking awareness of how African culture can be fused with designs from all over the world. The brand is currently based in Paris, France. Madam Wokie got a chance to learn more about the designer and her latest collection and you can read all about it below...

Describing her designs, Bubu says:  Many of iamISIGO's concepts are based on the designers unusual sense of style and her unique ability to mix various trends. iamISIGO’s designs are based on giving an edge with simplicity. Each design has a story behind it, along with a concept that was created for it to come to life. The iamISIGO design aesthetic qualities are used to improve the marketability of the outfits: the smoothness, reflectivity, texture, pattern, curviness, color, simplicity, naturalness, and modernism all go into consideration. iamISIGO  aims to create eccentric but wearable outfits, with standard fabric and colours, everything from the cut and colour harmony is thoroughly thought through in order to make our products suitable for a high number of consumers. It’s all about a personality the consumer wants to depict, we at iamISIGO, allow people to express the truth about their unconscious minds by way of their clothing.

The first collection "Cold summer" was released in summer 2009, the second collection "proFASHIONAL" was inspired by high shoulders and vintage outfits, the third collection "Hot winter" was released in October 2010 and the fourth collection called Le Poseur for A/W 2011. 

iamISIGO's clothing are made to perfection, ensuring that the customers are given optimum quality at their finger tips at affordable prices. Forecasting future sales, the clothing line seeks to grow at an enormous rate. iamISIGO also deals in customized clothing ensuring that our customers are given the opportunity and secrecy of never been seen designs. Another prominent strength of this clothing line is that majority of the clothing are hand crafted and the materials and accessories used are of extreme quality. 

  iamISIGO’s new 70's inspired S/S collection is called LXX was released in October 2011.
The label is worn by many celebrities and is featured regularly in all of the Nigerian and Ghanian mainstream magazines. 
The brand is in constantly featured in fashion blogs and site from all over the world example of which include  UK vogue.

You can get in contact with the IamSIGO tia the following links below

xxx Madam Wokie


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