Happy to be nappy

So... a couple of months back I kinda mentioned that I went natural but wasn't really comfortable rocking a natural hair do because my hair wasn't at a decent length for the look to suit me. Well its been six months and I've finally mustered the courage to rock my do. My hair has grown so fast and I think this is mainly because it is constantly in cornrows or protective styling (weave, braids, etc), and I don't really do much to it. Zu and Solange were my inspiration for cutting my shoulder length permed hair because I absolutely love how good they look rocking their fro and I always thought, hmmm maybe that might look good on me. So far I love the texture of my thick, course hair and cant wait to discover new things I can do to it. I'm wearing a twist out here which involves twisting you hair (while wet) with Twist and Lock Gel and leaving it to dry out overnight. I separated the twist in the morning and voila... I ended up with this. 

I'm back in a weave now so I can give my hair more time to chill and grow, but would update you on the progress of my hair from time to time.
Enjoy your day guys
xoxo Musu


  1. YOUR HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL? BEEN NAPPY FOR 3 years now lot of effort, hardwork but worth the journey

  2. thank you... it sure is hard work but I'm enjoying it so that makes it worth it
    cant wait to see what it looks like in 3 yrs


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