Style Post: Celebration

So while the rest of the team is  busy having the time of their lives at Arise Fashion Week, I refused to mop around wishing I was there... even though I do wish I was there :(  I decided to go out an celebrate Ghana independence. 
Although I miss my partner in crime; Wokie's company, I had lots of fun. As per usual with me these days I went somewhat simple with my outfit, opting for a black velvet and lace play-suit with leopard print sandals. I added a bit of matte Ruby Woo MAC lipstick to put some sexy into my outfit...wink
xoxo Musu

Growing up Wokie and I hated wearing the same outfit... these days as soon as she sees a good bargain she hits me up and I'm off to the shops.  We both got these  leopard print beauties from Topshop


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