Introducing Jewel's by Lizzy Lozzo (JBLL)

Hi guys *waves... meet Eliza Hanson, student, fashion enthusiast and jewellery designer. Eliza recently designed a range of unique, fierce jewellery which she would be launching soon.  
Describing her products, Eliza says " My ultimate goal is to summon humor, whimsy and rare imagination by the use of striking colours and inventive design in each of my pieces, which is what gives JBLL it's signature look. 
My real passion is to take objects or things that are not normally seen as jewelry and transform them into clever reinterpretations that are wearable and fun. This is what I feel make jewelry really, truly memorable and valuable. My jewelry really sells itself, although every customer of mine is a walking advertisement. Word-of-mouth, articles, blogs, interviews and a little advertising have all helped JBLL become the business it is today. I use only the finest components in my earring designs which are really light weight and prevents your earring hole from getting bigger, at the same time giving you a glamorous look. 

As a picky and particular designer, I hand-make each individual piece to perfection myself. My line represents fun, class and quality. It is good value for money and unique. People like it because it is different than anything anyone has ever seen. The little sparkles that shines from every piece, tags it as authentically, 'Jewels by Lizzy Lozzo'. My slogan is 'lady in the day, freak at night,' because the pieces are very versatile, you can dress then up for a night out or dress them down for a normal day out. Best of all, the jewelry is fun and vibrant! You feel relaxed and like having a good time when you wear a JBLL piece. 
Most importantly for me, I have found my passion which I love and adore, I feel that in life, if you can discover what you love doing and put your all into, success will inevitably follow and you have found one of the keys to happiness ."

Sneak peek at some of Eliza's designs

The designer herself

You can find and get more information on Jewel's by Lizzy Lozzo (JBLL) via her facebook page...
 Cant wait to see the full collection of Eliza's designs 
xoxo Madam Wokie


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